CLIENT: The City of Vancouver

Being a part of the future of a great city like Vancouver is exciting, that’s why Bridge Communications was pleased to be hired by the City of Vancouver Planning Department to develop and implement communications for the innovative Community Visions Program. This program was developed to bring CityPlan, Vancouver’s official city-wide plan, to the local level in a way that would enable each community to articulate its unique vision for the future. The Visions produced by all this public involvement are now being used at City Hall and in the communities to guide decisions, spending and co-operative actions. Bridge Communications provided communications services to the City in the following areas:

Vision Fairs

Major public events that mark the official kick off for each community’s Vision process. These weekend events are located and designed so as to attract the maximum number of community residents. They feature fun, food, prizes and activities for families. Once in the door people find a variety of displays and activities that encourage them to learn and think about the issues facing their community. Interactive displays facilitate the recording of ideas and questions. The Fairs are opened by the Mayor and a typical weekend event is attended by one to two thousand citizens as well as the media. Bridge Communications manages the fairs including arranging the venue, producing the graphic displays (all of which are fully translated into Chinese), decoration and layout, setting up and taking down all elements of the event, arranging food and opening ceremony, providing event supervision, writing the press release, managing media, writing ads and producing banners.


Each Vision program happens over an 18 month period and involves a range of communication devices, including four newsletters, produced in at least two languages and are delivered to all households and businesses in each community. Bridge Communications is responsible for the editing, graphic look, translation, layout, printing and delivery of all newsletters.

The Survey

The culmination of the Fairs, Workshops and outreach activities is the Visions Survey, a 50 page document. As with the newsletters, Bridge is responsible for design, layout, translation, printing and delivery.

On-going Outreach

Throughout the 18 month process Bridge Communications maintains media presence for the program through media relations and some paid advertising. We managed seven of these projects over a 9 year period and provided sustainable, innovative and effective communications and consultations. Each Vision had a budget in excess of $100,000 for communications. This does not include internal City of Vancouver expenses.